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The fact is, you probably spend the majority of your time at work, over anywhere else. If you work an average of forty hours a week then you may be spending over two thousand hours a year at work and since you are a human being, you must also be breathing that entire time. If you are an employer you may also be paying for your employees health insurance. It is proven that breathing contaminated and polluted air is an ever growing problem in the United States, this problem may cause health risks leading to higher costs later on. That is why it is important to make sure the air you are breathing is clean, it will not only save your health in the future, but also medical costs. We guarantee to provide only natural organic air cleaning services that are the best in the industry.

Introduction to Air Ducts

Ducts is a word that refers to conduits or passages that can be used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These ducts are typically used to deliver and remove air from one location to another. Air ducts are a typical method that is used to ensure acceptable indoor air quality as well as a condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment often referred to as thermal comfort. This means that properly working and maintained air ducts serve to keep you at a reasonable temperature while ensuring you and your employees breath air of acceptable quality. Different ducts have different systems, these systems are often referred to by the name “ductwork”. Meanwhile, different ducts also have a different design, known as “duct design”. Sizing, optimizing, detailing, and pressure losses are all aspects that go into a duct design.

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