Dryer Vent Cleaning (commercial)

The ventilation system for hot air dryers come in two main varieties. There is the outdoor ventilation and the indoor ventilation system. Regardless of the kind of system your hot air dryer uses, it is vital that you clean out the ventilation system. This is important because over time lint gets trapped in those systems. The more lint that is trapped the less efficient these ventilation systems will become. In the long run this means your dryer will be less efficient in the process of moving hot air. This ultimately results in taking more time to dry whatever it is that needs to be and more costly. If you operate in a commercial setting and have to constantly use your dryers it may be very costly not to clean out these systems in the long run.

Dryer Ventilation

There are many reasons to have a dryer in a commercial setting. You may work at a hotel and have dryers for towels, bed sheets, or whatever else may need drying. You may even own a laundromat or perhaps you just have a dryer to use for the convenience of your employees. Whatever reason you may have for requiring a dryer at your workplace, chances are your dryer is of the hot air variety. This is because dryers of the hot air variety are the most time effective dryers that exist on the market. While these kinds of dryers are extremely convenient, they do require efficient ventilation. Over time lint, as well as dirt and debris from the clothing will get trapped in the ventilation systems. This means that if you do not clean those systems it will be costly in the long run.

Dirt and Debris Build

When washing your clothes they experience normal wear and tear. This wear and tear can be noticed when putting your clothes in the dryer. After putting your clothes in the dryer you can see the lint that is caught in the lint catcher, this comes as a direct result from the normal wear and tear your clothes experience while being washed. Some of this lint does not get trapped in the lint catcher and instead escapes through to the ventilation system. If you have an indoor ventilation system this will eventually lead to hotter, more humid aid in your business. If this problem is left untreated for long enough it may contribute to indoor air pollution in your commercial space. That is why it is important to clean out these ventilation systems regularly, especially if you use the dryer frequently.

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