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Carpet Cleaning Dallas Carpet Types (residential)

A carpet is any kind of floor covering made from cloth or woven fabric, it is a textile floor covering. Different carpets use different fabric and are woven together using different strategies. These weaving techniques and fabrics go to make different kinds of carpets. Some of the historically most common carpet types are Woven, Needlefelt, Knotted, and Tufted carpets. A woven carpet is typically produced on a loom which is somewhat similar to woven fabric. The pile can be either of the cut variety or the loop variety, plush referring to the former and berber to the latter. A needle felt carpet is a more recent, and more technologically advanced kind of carpet. Needle felts are made by using intermingling and felting individual synthetic fibers. This is done through using barbed and forked needles, this method results in extremely durable carpet.

Modern Installation

In the United States more modern carpeting and installation methods are typically used. Carpets are typically made in widths of 12 feet by 15 feet in the United States. In places where the carpets do not fit nicely the carpets size can be modified by cutting and seaming. This carpet is usually seamed with a seaming iron and seam tape, where it was previously sewn together. The carpet is then fixed to a floor over a cushioned underlay called a pad. It is fixed to the floor using nails, tack strips, adhesives or sometimes even metal stair rods. This is what distinguishes a carpet from a rug or mat. Carpets are usually tight and well fitted while mats and rugs are loose laid floor coverings.

Carpet Cleaning

 provide these services to make sure our community only breathes in clean, high quality air inside their homes. We can handle any carpet type no matter if it is a woven carpet made of wool or the more technologically advanced needle felt carpet.

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